Living Faith Lutheran Church
Sunday, March 24, 2019
God's Work. Our Hands.


 As earth-keepers, we strive to protect the planet God gave us and all of its creatures.  We work to reduce man’s footprint on the water, air & land — and boost awareness of environmental threats, solutions and opportunities.
Walk or ride your bike to church whenever possible. You’ll get some great exercise … arrive refreshed in mind and spirit … and help reduce gasoline consumption. Our new bike rack makes bicycling a great option!
    When:  Sunday worship & other church events
Join Our Green Team, which continues to develop eco-ministry goals and plan future projects, such as  planting trees or performing an energy audit on our building. 
    When:  Anytime.

Help cut our church’s use of fossil fuels. Shut entrance doors tightly and turn out the lights when you leave a room. Every small step counts! You’ll help save precious resources AND reduce our utility bill. 
    When:  Any time you’re in the church!
     Contact:  Sam Boyd, (240) 286-9419